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GGMC with its team provides 30 years independent contractor
experience as well as many years of coaching & consulting services of
a non - bank Factoring to our customer.

Further on GGMC is pleased to offer by side Coaching & Consulting of
Factoring Services Debit & Credit Management as a full service package.

Challange us for your own value!

Your benefit is our mission:

Debit - Controlling  = e.g. incoming payment in time  
Factoring  = e.g. receipt of payment within 48 hours  
Credit - Controlling = e.g. control of outgoing payment  


GGMC takes care about that your company is not addicted to bank policy, improves your rating and so secure customer relationship at the best.

For detailed information please contact Mr. Bernd Janowitz within GGMC under bj@ggmc.eu